We are looking for exuberant ladies, open mind ones. Join our team and you will have only advantages. You can meet lots of people, socialize, work in a place where you feel good actually. The highest advantage of all is about the large salaries.

As ideal candidate to be part of our team you should:

- be major;
- have an attractive look;
- be willing to earn more;
- be communicative;
- be prompt and polite;
- have experience when it comes about the massage domain and a foreign language – thus, these aren’t strict conditions to count.

If you want to be part of our team we offer you all the facilities of a job with pretenses:

- important and constant clients;
- massage training, a certificate obtained, recognized by the Ministry of Labor and Education;
- advantageously work program, organized how you like it;
- a place to stay, if needed;
- the chance to gain more money, according to the performances and implication level;
- a safe job;
- confidentiality;
- seriousness in respected terms and conditions of employment.

What are you waiting for? Convince yourself that here is your place. Here are your responsibilities:

- maximum of respect from those you interact with, from clients to coworkers;
- respect the intern regulations;
- offer high standards massages;
- participate to the training and obtain the massage degree;
- respect the schedule.

Who well does this sound? Those who want to know more are asked to call at 0732.85.54.88.


  Send minimum 2 pictures

We are waiting for you!