If you are a beautiful, free spirit woman, come and join our team. Here, you will find a pleasant work environment and you will always feel appreciated. Other than that, you have the opportunity to meet fascinating people who will help you discover a new life. Join us now and also win a lot of money.

If you:
    •    are over 18
    •    look nice
    •    have a communicative nature
    •    want to work and earn a lot of money
    •    know a foreign language (although is optional)
    •    are prompt and respectful
    •    have massage experience
    •    that this is your career.

For all of this we will offer:

    •    a significant number of important clients
    •    the chance to improve through massage courses and get a diploma authorized by the Labor and Education Ministry
    •    flexible program
    •    extra money if you are an active masseuse
    •    a safe work environment
    •    total discretion
    •    reliability and professionalism

Still not sure? Look at your responsibilities
    •    respect your colleagues, clients and the internal directions
    •    attend the free massage courses we wil provide for you
    •    give quality massage
    •    be there at the hours we scheduled together

Sounds great, isn’t it? Then don’t waste your time, contact us at the telephone number 0732.85.54.88 for detailed information.

We are waiting for you!